Junior botanist (very junior)

The company: We enable all the stuff that makes our community work well, like homes, shops, roads, hospitals and schools. We do not do political correctness.

Location: must live near Springwood or nearby Blue Mountains (you might have to leave home to live here)

Qualifications: A proper science degree with botany and terrestrial ecology and GIS. No, we do not need anyone for dolphin behaviour or coral spawning. Be thick skinned, because we deal with very nasty clients, mostly in government.

Duties: Work in our Springwood office, do what you are told, not be arrogant, be willing to learn stuff, go anywhere in NSW for field work. Also make coffees, wash up, clean the trucks, be the gopher. You will get two outcomes: first learn the business, second learn to be a scientist.

Salary: Fair Work rate, graduate year 1. You probably earn more as a barista but that’s your choice. You want a job, don’t expect a car.

Applications: Hand written letter to introduce yourself, academic record and CV. Do not tell me how you are going to save the planet, the Reef or some androgenous alga, just show me that you have cleaned up your own room.

I will only respond if you can use English properly.

Assessment: You will spend a few hours in the bush with one of our old grumpy botanists to show us if you can do the stuff. Then you will have to demonstrate that you can use a GPS and Apple computers in our office. (I did ask for a botanist, ok?)