Office Bearers

President: Stephen Ambrose

1st Vice President: Judie Rawling

2nd Vice President: Jason Berrigan

Secretary: Adam Greenhalgh

Treasurer: Andrew Lothian

Ordinary Councillors:  Belinda Pellow, Alison Hunt, Veronica Silver, Narawan Williams, Yogesh Nair, Ashleigh McTackett, Damien Licari, Isaac Mamott

Sub-committees and Coordinators:

Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee: All complaints and referrals of a professional conduct nature must be submitted in writing via email or mail to 415 Parishs Rd, Hilldale, NSW 2420. This committee will be formed when a complaint is received to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

Certification Committee:  Belinda Pellow, Alison Hunt and Martin Denny

Research Grants Committee: Alison Hunt, Stephen Ambrose, Jason Berrigan, Adam Greenhalgh

Conference Coordinator: Jason Berrigan

Workshop Coordinator: Amy Rowles

ECA Newsletter Editor:  Brian Wilson

Administrative Assistant: Amy Rowles