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Certified Practicing Ecological Consultant

A Certified Practicing Ecological Consultant (CPEC) is recognised by the industry, government authorities and the community as competent to undertake ecological assessment. CPEC must have sign the ECA Code of Ethics. CPEC is awarded to an individual and is not an award pertaining to a company or organisation. A CPEC will display the appropriate logo and certificate to demonstrate their accreditation.

A CPEC has demonstrated to a panel of experts that they have appropriate knowledge and experience to provide advice and opinions that are:

  • consistent with current NSW and Commonwealth legislation and relevant guidelines;
  • cognisant of legal precedent;
  • up to date with current industry views and scientific information; and
  • based on sound ecological data, or in the absence of sound ecological data, are based on logical extrapolations of known data, having regard to the Precautionary Principle.


Practising Ecological Consultants

A Practicing Ecological Consultant is a member of the ECA that conducts the majority of current work as a consultant ecologist within Australia (primarily in NSW). Application to be a practising member is assessed by members of the ECA Council.

A Practising Member must:

  • sign the ECA Code of Ethics
  • have appropriate tertiary qualifications
  • provide a CV with two referees who are professional ecologists with experience in Australia
  • be supported by signatures of two practicing members of the ECA, or provide two recent examples of work.