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Certification Scheme

Ecological Consultants in NSW

The establishment of a Certified Practicing Ecological Consultant (CPEC) scheme is being led by the Ecological Consultants Association of NSW Inc., with input from the Office of Environment & Heritage.  Its primary objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate professional recognition for those involved in ecological assessment;
  2. Establish a high standard of practicing ecological assessment in NSW;
  3. Provide planning authorities and communities with a high level of confidence in ecological assessments prepared by CPEC; and
  4. Promote the development of a viable ecological survey and assessment industry.

A Certified Practicing Ecological Consultant (CPEC) will be recognised by the industry, government authorities and the community as ethical, experienced, respected within the industry, licenced and insured.

To qualify to become a CPEC you will be required to meet the requisite competency criteria:

  • Have at least five years of consulting experience in a relevant ecological field during the past 10 years.
  • Commit to ongoing professional development (Information Sheet 1: Ongoing Professional Development) and demonstrate commitment to maintaining an appropriate understanding of current and scientifically robust ecological assessment methodologies.
  • Demonstrate that you are respected by peers within the ecological consulting industry by the provision of two recommendations from full members of the ECA NSW, and two from within the applicant’s area(s) of particular interest.
  • Provide a written statement of 500 words outlining your career achievements and particular ecological interests. (Attendance at a meeting with the review panel maybe requested on a case by case basis).
  • Provide evidence of appropriate licences and approvals to undertake ecological work in NSW and carry Professional Indemnity Insurance applicable for your area of consulting.
  • Be willing to Sign the ECA (NSW) Code of Business Practice, Professional Conduct and Ethics and to uphold the beliefs as set out in these documents.

Current Eligible Applicants

The following is a list of current applicants who have applied to become Certified Practising Ecological Consultants and been reviewed by the CPEC Panel. The names of these applicants will be displayed here for a period of 30 days, during which time public submissions may be made on the proposed certification of these applicants. All submissions will remain confidential. After consideration of any public submissions the CPEC Panel will decide which applicants are deemed certified.

  • Andrew Lothian
  • Amy Rowles

Please follow THIS link if you would like to make a public submission by the 7 July 2020.


The following documents are available for Download:
  3. CPEC Information Sheet 1 – Professional Development – Document 3
  4. CPEC Information sheet 2 – Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures-Document 5
  5. CPEC APPLICATION- Document 4
  6. CPEC APPLICATION – Document 4 – WORD version
  7. Code of Ethics

If you have comments or questions contact ECA Administration


(Please note that this is the process to apply for certification. To apply for ordinary membership of the ECA please follow THIS link.)

Applications Close for next review: 31 January 2021
Date of next Review:  February 2021

Applications may be completed on-line or with the Pdf or word version of the application form (see document 4 above).