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Annual Conference 2015



Recent advances in ecological survey methods and mitigation measures

Using LIDAR to assess subsidence impacts on upland wetland vegetation of the NSW southern coalfields.

James Shepherd

(Biosis Pty Ltd)

Case study – Princes Highway frog mitigation and update on the NSW Declining Frog Working Group.

Dr. Frank Lemckert

(Herpetologist, Ecology Team Leader, Niche Environment and Heritage)

Translocation of a Threatened shrub, Tetratheca juncea, in the Lake Macquarie LGA

Dr Colin Driscoll

(Director, Hunter Eco)

Recent advances in camera trapping.

Paul Meek

(Principal Research Scientist, NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

Pollination study of a critically endangered orchid on the NSW mid north coast, Genoplesium littorale, as part of a rezoning application.

Dr Colin Bower

(Director, Principal Botanist, FloraSearch)

Recent advances in microbat survey and monitoring.

Dr Brad Law

(Principal Research Scientist, NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI))

Enhancing migratory shorebird habitat of Penhryn estuary, Botany Bay.

Phil Straw

(Director, Avifauna Research and Services Pty Ltd)


Saltmarsh – restoration, creation, rehabilitation. Case studies and techniques.


Mia Dalby-Ball

(Director, Ecological Consultants Australia)