Camera Trap Workshop


10am—3pm Thursday 19 September 2019

Magpies Waitara, 11-37 Alexandria Parade, Waitara

Presenter: Dr Paul Meek

Paul has been working in the ecology field for over 30 years in positions throughout Australia and overseas, including 3 years on Christmas Island. He is currently working for NSW Dept Primary Industries in the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit and Project Leader with the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions. Paul completed his under-graduate Degree at Roseworthy in SA, a Master’s Degree on the biology and ecology of foxes, free-roaming dogs and cats in Jervis Bay at University Canberra and completed his PhD at the University of New England on camera trapping. He was awarded the Chancellors Post-Doctoral Research Award for his PhD research.

He holds a position as an Adjunct Lecturer with the University of New England and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the University of Queensland. Primary work roles are research and development, contributing to pest management policy that integrates new research findings into control and monitoring. His focus is on research that benefits pest management and impact monitoring and developing best practice. Paul is Project Leader for the Wild Dog Alert, e-Hub Intelli Trap Projects and more recently Prep4Reset and RESET projects.

Areas of expertise include, camera trapping, predator trapping, small mammal trapping, radio tracking, fox, wild dog and feral cat ecology, Hastings River Mouse and Christmas Island shrew ecology and island rodent eradication.

Paul is a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Paul will give a presentation on the technical aspects of camera traps, explaining how they work and don’t work. He will go through the different ways to set them in the field for different species with a focus on placement and orientation. He will support these recommendations with scientific evidence. The goal will be to provide knowledge on how these devices work so that practitioners can optimise their efficacy in surveys. Paul will also go through the settings of different cameras, discuss passive and active setting. He will also briefly describe how to use renamer to name image data and describe how his group tag images to convert pictures into data.

Registration Fee

  • Members          $50
  • Non-Members  $70

Registration includes Morning Tea and Lunch