Soils for Ecologists

Soils for Ecologists

9am – 5pm Friday 1st September

Asquith Golf Club

Presenter: Dr Pamela Hazelton

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Dr Pam Hazelton has worked as a soil scientist for over 35 years. She lectures in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Technology Sydney. In recent years her interests have been in urban and coastal soils with an emphasis on environmental engineering.

The Implications on Urban Design and Development of the Soil /Vegetation Relationship described in the Final Determinations for Endangered Ecological Communities

The Threatened Species Conservation Act (section 4(1) defines an ecological community as ‘an assemblage of species occupying a particular area’; embodying three requirements (Preston & Adam 2004a). Soil descriptions included in Final Determination criteria are within the particular area referred to as “ any geographic area defined by geology, landscape features or geopolitical boundaries”. The soil assessment can be a limiting factor for the determination of the location and size of endangered ecological communities in a given area. Hence an understanding of soil assessment in relation to an assemblage of species has economic and legal implications for urban design and development.


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