Welcome to the ECA of NSW

The Ecological Consultants Association of NSW (ECA) was initiated to promote and enhance best practice in ecological assessment, planning and management in accordance with the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development.

Ecological consulting is a constantly evolving profession. It is fascinating and rewarding, but is becoming increasingly demanding due to ongoing changes to environmental legislation, council policies and requirements for bushfire protection.

Furthermore, professional credibility has become a matter not only of career necessity and personal pride, but a litigation issue. Providing appropriate biodiversity conservation and wildlife management advice to satisfy these demands requires continuous professional training and effective networking.

Hence the need for a formally recognised and effective association of practising ecological consultants. The ECA not only represents the interests of ecological consultants, but strives to ensure that their private and government clients receive the most professional and efficient service possible.  The ECA provides an effective contact point, resources, information and assistance for its members and interested parties.

 Why Join?

 Benefits of membership include:

 For Full Practising Members:

  • Access to peer network and support / acknowledgement as a genuine professional
  • Protection by a Code of Business Practice, Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Access to an established platform from which to lobby government agencies as a body of professionals

For Full Practising, Associate and Student Members:

  • Publication of regular newsletters to keep members informed about current issues
  • An annual conference on a topic of current interest (registration discounted for members)
  • Regular workshops (registration discounted for members)
  • Generous discounts from several publishers of scientific journals and books
  • A flexible fee structure based on the member’s level of expertise and location within NSW
  • Access to specialists and a forum for discussion of ecological, business and other industry related issues.

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